Sustainable Lifestyle

There are a lot of small things you can do throughout various aspects of your life to make a big impact. Don't buy as much shit. Reduce and reuse more than you recycle. Shop at farmer's markets and stores with reusable containers instead of buying plastic-wrapped nonsense from the big box stores and major supermarket chains.

When heading into the great outdoors, learn all about the Leave no Trace philosophy. Call out your friends if they're not aware of the principles and cause negative impacts on the environment.

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Stop using cling film and start using reusable recyclable wraps made from bees wax and organic jojoba oil.

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Cleaning supplies with zero-waste packaging, and a powerful clean that's better for you and the planet.

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A phone for everyone who cares about how their products are made. It improves the conditions of the people who make it and uses materials that are better for the planet.

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Mail order 100% tree-friendly toilet paper made from post-consumer recycled paper. 50% of net profit from sales of The Good Roll is invested in the installation of safe toilets in East Africa.

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